Safe information available from any place

Quipu protects your information

The security and privacy of our clients is a priority for us. Quipu complies with the same encryption used by banks (SSL 256) and with the General Regulation of Data Protection to ensure your data is always safe.


At Quipu, we only work with suppliers who are certified under the highest and most advanced security standards and respect the GRDP.

Quipu's data is saved in Amazon Web Services servers in Paris, as many other companies do like AirBnB or Netflix. We perform several backups everyday that are saved in different storage layers to ensure everything works properly in any situation.

Quipu complies with the GRDP

Quipu complies with the General Regulation of Data Protection. As user you can access to your information and exercise your cancellation rights whenever you want.

The exchange of data between bookkeeper and client through Quipu's platform is encrypted and complies with the GRDP.