Banks - how to import information from your bank

Integrate your bank accounts with Quipu and you will be able to automate bank reconciliation and liquid assets management.

Your bank movements will appear in your Quipu account, and you will be able to tap them and reconcile them with the invoices which they belong to, whether they are income, expenses or payroll that you have been creating and uploading in Quipu, in order to keep the billing updated.

Quipu has an automatic integration of banks, which enables you to do it with more than 40 banks including: Banco Sabadell, La Caixa, Paypal, BBVA… you can integrate as many accounts as you want.

You can simply enter in different banks, choose which bank you want to connect with, enter your bank credentials and movements will come up directly to your Quipu account!

Similarly, if your bank is not yet integrated and you need to manage liquid assets from other banks, you can import movements using Excel and perform bank reconciliation also in an almost automatically way. In this way, you can assign each of these invoices, tickets or payroll with the movements of each of the banks or cards.

  • Go to the “Banks” tabintegrates banco sabadell invoicing software quipu
  • Click on “+ New account”
  • Once inside, select the option “Connect with my bank”.conect banco sabadell
  • Follow the steps and log into your bank with your credentials.identification banco sabadell
  • Quipu only has access to the account you indicate, while preserving the privacy and security of your accounts, on both sides.

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